Medinet Scheduler for both doctors and nurses

Medinet Scheduler can manage all types of schedule, for both ordinary and on-call activities. Medinet is used within all types of specialty and within primary care. Medinet Scheduler is user-friendly and can be customised to meet the needs of various departments.


The system is completely tailored to the requirements of your clinic or hospital, and is specifically tailored to the criteria that your doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals work to.

Medinet provides the basis for more efficient resource use, exhaustive statistics and a total overview of personnel resources through our scheduling system.

Based on the needs of the operation, the schedule is staffed either automatically or manually according to priorities, authorisation and expertise.

Medinet also takes into account many other circumstances, e.g. the labour regulations introduced by the EU.

All types of schedule

Medinet’s schedule system manages all types of schedule, both ordinary and on-call activities, as well as all types of absence.

It is possible to arrange the schedule for entire clinics and individual users (doctors, nurses and Healthcare and HVB home personnel)


Medinet Schedule is a web-based scheduling system.

This means that the schedule is always accessible to everyone - it doesn’t matter where you are and it is always up to date.

No installation or hardware or software upgrades are required. You simply need a web browser.


Medinet's services are provided on a subscription basis with a short notice period.

There are generally no start-up costs for the clinic or hospital, meaning implementation is fast and there is minimal risk.

All service and support is free of charge as it is included in the subscription fee.