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Schedule and resource planning for healthcare professionals

Why Medinet?

Medinet always provides user-friendly and high quality systems that simplify administration of scheduling and staffing within the field of healthcare. Together with the Medinet Training Portal, which manages resident doctor training, Medinet provides a turnkey solution.

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Our services

Medinet Scheduler

Medinet Scheduler handles all schedule types, for both ordinary and on-call duties, in a simple and predictable manner. The system is tailored to your clinic’s specific requirements and criteria.

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Medinet On-Call Portal

Does your clinic currently use Medinet Scheduler? When the clinic schedules its on-call shifts, On-Call Portal is updated automatically, eliminating the need for files, faxes or anything else to be sent to the switchboard!

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Medinet Integration

Medinet Scheduler can be integrated with all personnel administration systems and time reporting systems currently available on the market. Integrations streamline and quality-assure your day to day work.

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Medinet Training Portal

Training Portal is a web-based and flexible portal that coordinates, documents and monitors training for residents, but which functions equally well for interns and specialists.

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