Medinet Scheduler can manage all types of schedule, for both ordinary and on-call activities.

Medinet Scheduler for both doctors and nurses

Medinet Scheduler can handle all schedule types, both for ordinary and on-call activities, with many different alternatives making the system suitable for all types of clinics and hospitals. When it comes to a scheduling system within healthcare, it’s extremely important that the system is not open to misunderstanding. It can be the difference between life and death for the right person to be in the right place when they’re required. This is why we have done our very best to ensure that the Medinet Scheduler is as simple and predictable as possible.



The system is tailor-made according to the requirements of your clinic or hospital and is specifically adapted to the conditions under which your doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel work.

Medinet provides the information for more effective use of resources, comprehensive statistics and a complete overview of your personnel resources through our scheduling system.

On the basis of the unit’s needs, the schedule is either staffed automatically or manually, based on prioritisations, authorisations and competence.

Medinet also takes into account many other circumstances, such as the EU working time regulations.

All types of schedules

Medinet’s scheduling system handles all types of schedules, both ordinary and on-call activities, together with all types of absence.

It’s possible to arrange schedules for whole clinics or for individual users (doctors, nurses or personnel within health and social care or residential or care homes.


Medinet Scheduler is a web-based scheduling system.

The schedule is therefore always available to everyone – regardless of where they are located – and is always up to date.

No installation or upgrading of computers or software is required. You simply need a web browser.


Medinet's services are provided on a subscription basis with a short notice period.

Start up for the clinic or hospital is generally cost-free, which leads to rapid implementation and minimal risk-taking.

All service and support is cost-free and is included in the subscription fee.