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Today, Medinet has customers in 19 of Sweden's 21 county councils and regions.

Our business idea is to offer user-friendly web-based services for healthcare personnel with a view to simplifying and streamlining administrative procedures, primarily relating to personnel and resource management.

Medinet Scheduler

We have done our very best to ensure that Medinet Scheduler is as simple and predictable as possible.

Medinet Utbildningsportal

Medinet Training Portal

Web portal for coordination, documentation and monitoring of resident doctors and interns. Fully integrated with Medinet Scheduler. Also available as an app.

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Complete system for scheduler, on-call portal and training

Medinet Scheduler

Medinet Scheduler handles all schedule types, for both ordinary and on-call duties, in a simple and predictable manner. The system is tailor-made to your clinic’s unique requirements and conditions.

Medinet provides the information for more effective use of resources, comprehensive statistics and a complete overview of your personnel resources.

Medinet On-Call Portal

Does your clinic currently use Medinet Scheduler?

When the clinic schedules its on-call shifts, On-Call Portal is updated automatically without requiring files, faxes or anything else to be sent to the switchboard!

Medinet Integration

Medinet Scheduler can be integrated with all salary and personnel systems and time reporting systems available on the market. Integration streamlines and quality-assures your everyday work, from planning working hours and absence to reporting and information for salary payments. All of the information is contained in a single system and is registered only once.

Medinet Training Portal

Training Portal is a web-based and flexible portal that coordinates, documents and monitors training for resident doctors, but which functions equally well for interns and residents who want to further extend their training. Naturally, both the resident and intern aspects can be used in parallel.

Medinet Training Portal can easily be linked to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare's goals and to the clinic's internal goals. Goal fulfilment is presented graphically, both for supervisors and doctors.


“The system is extremely user-friendly and is greatly appreciated by our doctors. Particularly the mobile apps, which are very popular!”

Camilla Frisö-Åsell

Scheduler, Children’s Clinic, Örebro University Hospital


“Medinets’s staff are extremely responsive and the relationship has been very good! It's always easy to contact and talk to them. They really understand our reality.”

Olof Lundblad

MD/Business Manager


“I've now been working with Medinet as a scheduling tool since 2008. The program is easy to use, both for the scheduler and doctors, and provides opportunities for a very good overview and detail planning.”

Ann-Sofie Jansson Rehnberg

Consultant and Medical Director