Is it necessary to involve the county council or any IT department?

This essentially depends on the rules applicable for your clinic. We hope that the low subscription fees required for accessing the service, together with the fact that there is no installation of software or impact on internal computer systems, will facilitate simple introduction of the system and collaboration between Medinet and the clinic.

Do I need any particular software to use Medinet's services?

No. The entire system is web-based and all you need is access to a computer with an internet connection.

Must I subscribe to a long-term contract?

No. All of Medinet's services are provided on a subscription basis with a short notice period. In addition, system start-up for the clinic is free of charge, which means minimal risk.

What do Medinet's services cost?

All of Medinet's services provide increased efficiency in the clinic's planning, and the cost of the services should be offset against this benefit. Sometimes it can be difficult to quantify the effects and savings made in total, but please contact us and we will discuss the results your clinic can expect from our services.

Does Medinet Scheduler only work for doctors?

Medinet Scheduler is primarily designed for all healthcare staff, but particular effort has been invested in solving the challenges presented by scheduling doctors. Medinet Scheduler is also extremely useful for dealing with the unique conditions facing nurses and auxiliary nurses, and also for personnel within health and social care and residential or care home staff.

Are there additional costs for service and support?

No. It is very easy to obtain an overview of the clinic's costs. All support is personal, unlimited and included in the subscription fee.

What do we do if we are interested in Medinet Scheduler, for example?

Start by contacting us. We will discuss your needs and how they can best be met. We generally offer a test period during which you will have the opportunity to try out the service in your own real conditions. And of course with our help and support!