Training Portal

Use Medinet’s training portal to coordinate, document and monitor resident and intern doctor training!

Training Portal

Often clinics need a solution for documenting and monitoring the training of intern and resident doctors in order to simplify administration and communication, for example between supervisors, study rectors and trainees. This ensures that they fulfil the set objectives and requirements, and Medinet’s Training Portal is a simple, user-friendly and web-based solution for this need which provides you with a straightforward overview of the training of both residents and interns. The portal is flexible and can easily be adapted for different training structures.

Use Medinet’s training portal to coordinate, document and monitor intern and resident doctor training. The portal is entirely web-based and can be integrated, for example with Medinet Scheduler.

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Simplify your communication

By using Medinet’s training portal, you can facilitate and quality-assure communication within the training of resident doctors and interns. The portal contains functions such as chat, email and SMS, depending on your needs. The procedure for registering for courses and seminars is straightforward and simple.

Own library

Every user also has access to their own library, so that they can easily collect documents and links and be able to monitor their own training.


Medinet’s training portal can easily be integrated into and run concurrently with Medinet’s scheduling system. The schedule and calendar are integrated with each other, which streamlines and facilitates your administrative tasks.


The advert was published in “Dagens samhälle”, with a special edition to accompany the “Framtidens Specialistläkare” (Resident Doctors of the Future) fair held on 7-9 September 2016 in Malmö

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