Medinet simplifies healthcare administration

Medinet delivers a complete package of different services and systems to simplify and improve your resource management for healthcare personnel and doctors.


Medinet was founded in 2007 by Jim Nilsson, PhD, and Tuomo Caprali, M.Sc. Product development initially took place in collaboration with the Medicine Clinic at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. This was the start of what in February 2007 would become the core service in Medinet.

Today, Medinet has customers in 19 of Sweden's 21 county councils and regions. Six of these have procured Medinet for the entire county council. However, several of these customers are individual clinics/units.

The business idea is to offer user-friendly web-based services for healthcare personnel with a view to simplifying and streamlining administrative procedures, primarily relating to personnel and resource management.

Medinet has a very good reputation. Our customers are very satisfied with our services and they often say how easy it is to talk to us, because we understand their business and needs! We have lots of great customer references!

Medinet delivers

Medinet always delivers user-friendly and high-quality systems to simplify administration of healthcare-related scheduling. If you need a straightforward system to keep track of different schedules for doctors and other healthcare personnel so that it’s easy to construct and get an overview of your schedules, Medinet has the solution for you. Your demands and needs guide how we construct the system so that we always deliver a solution that’s perfect for you and your clinic. Medinet’s scheduling system simplifies administration and gives you a tool that is guaranteed to provide the high quality required by healthcare scheduling.

As one of the leading suppliers of scheduling systems for healthcare, you can be confident that we will always deliver the highest quality and with your needs in focus. Our systems are user-friendly, flexible and easy to combine with each other. At Medinet, we are always responsive to the unique needs of your clinic in terms of planning working hours and scheduling. You can also easily adjust the services you want linked together, according to your changing needs.

Do you need a simpler and more straightforward way to administer your doctor scheduling or other schedules in your clinic? If so, Medinet can meet your unique needs, with flexible, user-friendly solutions that can easily be adapted to the size and conditions of your organisation. By choosing only the services that your clinic needs, the system can easily be adapted to your specific needs, with the potential to change with your business.